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Blog Making all my mood swings better 1/Jun/2004

Taking a break from the exams and silliness, let's plug a few bands to whom I have been listening in these dark days:

  • Look to the Merry-Go-Sun - The Owsley Shunshine. Excellent album that I picked up seeing them as second support act (behind Eastern Lane) for The Zutons at Tut's last year. It's difficult to describe their sound without invoking some clichés, but they're very good, and local too. A better idea would be to download some of their tracks from their site, and a live session at the BBC Scotland Sessions page. (Some excellent stuff by a host of bands there, download a copy of Streambox VCR if you want to get the tunes on your hard disk.)
  • (the best of) - New Order. Just listening to this reminds me of 1994, plotting how I'd get rich by selling HyperCard stacks full of Monty Python sound clips to eager (albeit gullible, in retrospect) customers. Heady days indeed. Bizarre Love Triangle, a particular favourite, but they're all classics.
  • Beauty Becomes More Than Life - The Frank and Walters. I'd add their best-of to the list, but I didn't want it to look like I just buy compilations. A double dose of refreshingly-summery, early-90's, Irish indie-pop.

There's other stuff too, but it'll be stuff that you've thought of before. And where's the fun in that?

Only two more to go!




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