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I have, no doubt, on previous occasions, expressed my civic pride. There are so many hidden facets of Glasgow that it will continue to fascinate me for ever.

A primary interest of mine is the recent past of the city, with an accompanying wish that all of the infrastructure that defined the city in the early 20th century was still in operation. An interest that is shared by the marvellous Hidden Glasgow, and I really must get around to participating there when I have the time.

Another aspect of the city, which is not so appreciated, are the concrete buildings that comprise much of the inner city. It's sad to see that so many of them are being destroyed, though it cannot be denied that they have not all served their purpose well. Meanwhile, we can celebrate them with displays of public art, and at The Joy of Concrete.

To add to these more-historical examples, we have Glasgow Architecture, which is a compendium of knowledge about the newer buildings that are popping up around the city. Such articles as those on the new skyscraper for Glasgow arouse my city-partisanship, and make me hope to see them come to fruition.

Finally, the blog which got me started on this tangent, City Comforts Blog, which is full of interesting comment on the development of cities today. The most-recent post describes an axiom of "city-ness", which is thoroughly pleasing.

It almost makes me wish I had gone into planning....




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