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Blog Gregor was down again 7/May/2004

You know, I used to do this quite often. And, in the months that I've not been blogging, at least a hundred things must have happened to me, each probably worth recounting at some point, to someone.

I had a strange experience last month. I was at an interview for a summer work placement, and all was going fine. My CV mentions that I run a web site - it was written some time ago, when I was applying for unskilled jobs, and written in the most naïvely pretentious terms. Imagine my surprise when my interviewer produced a printed copy of a page from this very site.

Now, there's nothing hugely embarrassing on here - sure, Pastry seems years ago, and it was; some of the polemic could do with a bit more consideration, but that's featured less in recent times; and all of the dreams were picked to reveal as little as possible about the workings of my twisted mind. But it has inhibited me from posting in any serious fashion since.

Now, if the page can raise a nervous titter in a low-stakes interview for a summer job, might I be called upon to account for it in the real world in future? Is it the ultimate psychometric test, and should I be attempting to rewrite history to make myself appear more employable? Already I am thinking twice about giving linkage to photo galleries that might contain an indiscreet photograph (although those who know me will find them easily enough).

Perhaps my aim of becoming the top Derek Murray in the world was a mistake after all.




Gary Fleming said:
If you don't link them, we will. :P And then comment link them here.

Shouldn't be ashamed of your stapling prowess.





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