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Blog Gorbals Light Show 1/Apr/2004

Today, I bring you a post, the title of which isn't (as usual) a stale attempt at wit, nor a nugget of surreality (though it might make a decent name for a band).

Though I can't find many other allusions to it on the web, apart from in the forums of the rather wonderful Hidden Glasgow website. One of the Basil Spence-designed tower blocks (map, flats are opposite the cemetery, which happens to be the Southern Necropolis) on Cumberland Street, in the Gorbals, is to be demolished later in the year, and a special light show has been commissioned.

Peter Smith, a trainee architect with NORD, has installed spotlights in every window on the west face of the building, and these are used to great effect, as they animate the night sky. I shan't go into many more details, since there is a certain child-like joy to be had in identifying the shapes, and cooing at the patterns.

If you want to see this, you have until the 10th of April. I thoroughly recommend that you do.



PS. I can find no trace of this on Google, or the council website. Surely some mistake?


robert gray said:
just another posting from me again!!, have just watched the tower blocks in the gorbals come down, have got some amazing video footage of 474 and 487 cumberland street come down, if anyone wants a copy, please e-mail me at, and i could post it to them.

robert gray said:
to dee hanna, dundasvale court is a nice quiet area 5 minutes away from everything in the city centre, two minute's walk from the city centre!! the high rise;s where i used to stay are being refurbished this year and i recommend it as a place to stay XX

dee hanna said:
dear robert gray
what is dundasvale like .you say your parents live there. My mum wants to buy property there for me if i go to cale.

Paula Slonaker said:
Hi Derek, A question for you, is there an address such as 40 Wolseley Street SS Glasgow. My Greatgrandfather Timothy McFadden wrote a letter to my grandfather Daniel McFadden (Philadelphia Pa USA) to acknowledge his engagement onAugust 1905, Marriage Oct 4 1905 in Philadelphia. I am trying to find out about GGrandfathers family there. If you could help in any way, that would be perfect. Thank you, Paula Slonaker

peter smith said:
Have a look on





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