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Blog Head Hung in Shame 30/Mar/2004

The headline is more of an attention-grabber than a sincere apology for not posting for almost months, for two reasons. For one, I doubt that you've missed it; for two, I'm not sorry. I just hope, meekly, that your aggregator picks this up and nobody notices the discontinuity.

As Gary has noted, there is a compelling reason for my absence (and his, much shorter absence, which, I think, amounted to one less film review in the submission week). (It doesn't account for Matt's absence, his PowerBook's broken.

That compelling reason was the (finally code-frozen) team project, for which we engineering a distributed, topic-driven web crawler. It's been a fantastic learning process (considering I had previously no experience of: distributed systems, object-oriented programming, UI design (though some might opine that I could do with a damn sight more), network programming, concurrent programming, "long"-lived systems, and probably some other things), and tremendously enjoyable. I'm proud of what we managed to develop, and the dissertation, which is hopefully proving an interesting read for our supervisor and reader at the moment.

The cessation of the project (all over bar the presentation) means that I can look at doing some self-motivated coding. Whether the code will ever come to fruition, or to the wider notice, is debatable, but it's something to which I may return in this outlet in the future.

Meanwhile, I'm supposedly on vacation. After the sleep-deprivation and resultant excesses of the last week of term, it's been more than welcome. Perhaps I'll post some more thoughts later in the day.




Gary Fleming said:
You should know better than anyone that code doesn't get frozen; and that feature-freeze doesn't necessarily amount to features no longer being added. :P

I was very close to making some changes the other day... but thought better of it.





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