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Blog Comment Spam 20/Jan/2004

Ever one to join bandwagons late, I present the first example of comment spam ever to have appeared on mrry. This is, of course, not counting the various examples of Matt posting a comment just to get his PageRank up, or the old-fashioned practice of leaving a guestbook post (back in ye day) to inform the community of a new site.

A curious thing though. I don't mind giving the spammer some credit, and indeed, here's the site to which he linked, the site for some hormone or pill or something. Most spam is perpetrated in an automated fashion by script, on Movable Type-, or other standard CMS-driven blogs. It seems our correspondent went to the trouble of seeking out my site, and hand-posting the comment.

I find myself flattered and proud at the same time. Goodnight.




Gary Fleming said:
The spammers are now using Google to find blogs (searching for combinations of "comments", "blog", "post", etc) and then paying children peanuts to spam them.





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