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As I mentioned in my earlier post, there are some old blog posts, back from when I didn't know what a blog was, and "posting" involved an HTML editor and FTP. I've discovered them in their original format, from an old .zip of the early-2000 site, and added them to the database, to swell the archives. With the dates ranging from the 1st of January to the 18th of February, 2000, here they are: (note that the titles, keywords and description, as well as any removed links, are modern adornments)

  1. Happy New Year (First ever blog post)
  2. The Williamwood mailing list
  3. Back to School
  4. Bohemian Raspberry announced
  5. Looking forward to my birthday
  6. Happy Birthday me
  7. We love you, Mr. No-one.
  8. Disenchantment with this hand-editing thing
  9. A short note (the last hand-edited blog post)

I also happened across an old web poll that ran at the same time as these posts. When asked what they liked best about the site:

  • 1 respondent chose the Dreams.
  • 4 respondents chose A Secret Pastry.
  • No respondents chose the now-defunct Story.
  • No respondents chose the also-now-defunct chat room.
  • 3 respondents chose the since-departed guestbook.
  • No respondents chose the late, lamented message board.
  • 1 respondent chose the home page.

Heady days, oh yes. I might put up some more of the old stuff, when I get the time. Which might be never.




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