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Blog Disenchantment with this hand-editing thing 12/Feb/2000

I was just looking at the visitor figures for the last week, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that thirty-eight people came, over the last week. Well done.

I'm getting a little bored with the site, and so I am putting together a brand new design, for the new year. It should be a little faster, a little smarter, and a lot funnier. Talking of funny, you should expect to see a new Pastry song. Out of interest, would anybody be interested to see a spin-off Pastry site, with the same songs, some new ones, and a weekly editorial? If you are, e-mail me at the usual address.

This week sees more new dreams (from poor stock, I'm afraid), another chapter in the, and what you are reading now.

It's been a while, since I have delighted you with some consumer tips, but here they are. A good record to buy is "The Heavy Heavy Hits", by Madness, which is a collection of their greatest hits, and which is well worth buying. I'm also listening to "Come Together", sung by The Smokin' Mojo Filters. For no reasons






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