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Blog Happy Birthday me 29/Jan/2000

Good evening. Please allow me to start with an advertisement. Go now, take some money, and see the film 'Double Jeopardy', starring Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd. It's excellent, but probably isn't, if you have seen The Fugitive or US Marshalls. Still, go.

I was in town today, seeing said film, and enjoying it immensely. I also bought an N64, which will henceforth be the official games console of It was cheap, and so am I. Today, there are no dreams, of which to speak, but perhaps there will be tomorrow. Alas, there is no update to the Story either, because I have just been too busy to write it.

I enjoyed my birthday very much, you will be glad to know, and I received some interesting trinkets.

Perhaps next week, I shall have some happier news. Or maybe tomorrow.






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