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Blog Back to School 8/Jan/2000

Well, haven't the holidays flown by? In just two days time, we shall all be back at school. Great. No, I really am looking forward to going back and seeing everyone again. The holidays have been long, and often very boring. The only lights that brightened up this last week have been my two days of ten-pin bowling, on Wednesday and Thursday. I also partook in the Alien WarZone at the SECC. It was exciting, admittedly, but not as interactive as I had hoped.

The site has changed a little since it was last updated. You will notice the new navigation on the left-hand side, as well as the cunning orange-white juxtaposition. There is a new installment for the Story, as well as a few dreams. The hugely popular mailing list remains on the right-hand side, and it looks forward to your subscription.

I shall look forward, then, to seeing you on Monday.


Cabumbo said:
Bowling eh, that is why you were such a ninja when we went to play at Paisley. I knew you had trained as a child





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