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Blog Happy New Year (First ever blog post) 1/Jan/2000

This first update is really quite as it sounds. All the sections that were previously here are still here, with minor redesigns. The Dreams section is the most changed. The archives still exist, but, as with the front page, the seven newest updates are held on the welcoming page. It's easy enough when you see it. The Secret Pastry is much the same, and the favoured guestbook and message board are still there, on the left-hand side. For the new site and year, I have posted three new dreams for you to browse through, and, if the dreams page looks sparse, it will fill up soon. Check out the newest section, the Story [no longer available], which will be continued every week with the story of this site's evolution.

Well, did you have a nice new year's celebration? I certainly did. I was at a cosy little party at a neighbour's house for a few hours, and we enjoyed the usual festivities of a finger buffet, trifle, fireworks and millennial balloons. On the subject of fireworks, I was much impressed by the amount of pyrotechnology that was employed over the south-side of Glasgow, and I hope that your view was as good as mine.






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