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Blog Happy Belated Birthday 11/Jan/2004

In an outrageous example of disarray, I appear to have forgotten the first birthday of the new mrry (the welcoming post being on the 8th of January, 2003), and I wasn't alerted to the fact, until I read that Gary's blog was also celebrating a year of Solitude.

To compensate for this, I appeased the stern mistress that is the unwieldy, hackish PHP code behind this site by proffering gifts. They're the sort of gifts that are intended more for the giver than the givee, and are as follows:

  • An up-to-date referrers page (and an accompanying version that attempts to strip out search engine referrers, which is depressingly sparse). Frankly, I had grown tired of sifting through the visitor logs, when it was really just the referrers and comments (now available in RSS, but not really public) that interested me.
  • Inbound Trackbacks. Now those possessed of a blog with the appropriate capability can send me a Trackback, which will appear as a comment. RDF Autodiscovery code is embedded in each article page, and the URL for trackbacks is displayed on the sideboard of each page. For easy reference, it is always of the form "<article-number>", where <article-number> is, precdictably, replaced by the number of the article, from the article's URL. Outbound Trackback capability will come in due course, though that's of less interest to visitors, naturally, and of more interest to the PageRank whoring potential that that could bring.

Of course, this week doesn't really mark the first birthday of this site, because some of the content in here has been around since about April/June 1999. (And I've just noticed that some archaeologically-old Dreams are missing from the archives. These shall be added in due course.)

As far as I can tell, I switched to the blog format (still using hand-crafted pages, however), on January the 2nd, 2000, so let's also remember this time as the 4th anniversary of this site as a blog. (I say "as far as I can tell", but really I derived this date from an e-mail that I sent out on Hogmanay, 1999, to just about everyone in my address book, advertising the coming new site.) I moved to Blogger on the 27th of February that year, which is where the posts in the archives begin.

Part of me wants to unearth these old posts, but I can't find them on the old backups that I've kept, so I reckon they might be lost to posterity. Ah well. The old dreams do live on, and I think it would be trivial to assimilate them into the current corpus.

I shall post more memories, later today.




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Happy Birthday to Derek's blog!

Matt said:
Happy Birthday! Wonder when the hell I started mine?





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