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Blog Belated New Year wishes 5/Jan/2004

One of my resolutions for the new year (how clichéd, I can hear you saying), is to post here at least once a week. This resolution was made for me on the 2nd of January, by Gary and Matt (castigate them, if ever their posting rate should drop!), and I intend to keep it.

In fact, so energised was I by our discussion, I resolved to make a post that day. By the time I had gotten round to it, the clock had passed midnight, and I decided that, since it was the third, I could put off posting until later that evening.

Needless to say, the same happened later that day, and so here I am, spouting a turgid parable about procrastination, in order that I should snap out of it.

I was thinking about using this spot to review 2003 (Kill Bill Good! War in Iraq bad!), but I really can't remember it all. Perhaps I should have written more down. Or indeed blogged more of it.

I'm having tremendous fun programming at the moment, more so than in a long time, and I'm tackling far thornier problems than I ever have in the past (currently, the woefully-underspecified world of DNS - be amazed at the speed of my UDP DNS client!). Perhaps these developments will mean that I'll do more boring posts in the future - who knows?

(Certainly, I imagine posts in the future will be less parenthetical than this one.)

Dear me, when I start making self-referential in-jokes about my grammar, I know it's time to stop a blog post. I'll do that now.



PS. As promised, Happy New Year.


Loyde Ayers said:
"Kill Bill Mediocre!", surely.

Gary Fleming said:
He could make it in, as could you. The next reshuffle is coming soon, so make them posts good. :P

Matt Gemmell said:
We'll be checking up on you, lad. Maybe you'll even make it into Gary's extremely desirable "daily reading" list.

Oh, and make this damn comments form use cookies to remember name and email address, eh? Call yourself a geek, pshaw...

Happy New Year once again to you too. :)





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