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Blog Merry Christmas 26/Dec/2003

You'll notice that I resisted making an obvious pun with the title of this post, and for that you should be proportiately grateful. I was tempted to apply some appropriate festive decoration to the site, and my immediate thought was to apply some snow to the picture of the mountain in my site banner, above.

Of course, I then looked at the banner, and - as the more astute amongst you will already have realised - the mountain (and I'm not sure which it is, though I'm coming to the realisation that it's probably not Ben Lomond, as I may have intimated in the past, though it might still be) is liberally dusted with snow already. Which left me with the option of crudely adding some sort of tinsel, holly, or Santa-hat decoration, or adding to my slight homage to Ed Ruscha by completing the abovealludedto pun. Which brings us full circle...

...and to the realisation that it is one year to the day since I took that photograph of the mountain, standing on the pier at Loch Lomond Shores, in Balloch. Which means it's almost one year since I upped sticks and moved to (I should have realised when I was renewing the hosting fees). Not much has changed over that year, but I'm still enjoying keeping a website, and I shall continue in 2004. In fact, I am in the process of setting up a new website at the moment, of which more later (hopefully). After all, it'll need to get PageRank somehow....

Of course, now it's Boxing day, and it's not even slightly Christmas any more. Perhaps I should redecorate my website less festively.



PS. One of the hangovers from the too-short design phase of my site is that posts are timestamped when I open the form into which they are entered. This entry's timestamp is "2003-12-26 01:13:45". It is now thirteen minutes past two.


Peter said:
Great comments guys. Peter FDA

Stuart said:
It does look suspiciously like Ben Lomond to me, I've waited commenting on it until yesterday when I was there.





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