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Blog Festive Check-up 22/Dec/2003

It's always nice to get back to posting, and I've been planning this particular one for some time now. I blame my absence on an arduous close to the academic semester, though it was eclipsed by a couple of hours of cutthroat Christmas shopping this afternoon.

First thing's first: I'm posting this via Wi-fi, directly from... my living room! We picked up a rather spiffy Netgear DG834G 802.11g Wireless ADSL Router. The upshot of which is that I'm typing this on my Dad's laptop, whilst simultaneously SSH'ing up to my computer to check my e-mail in Pine. I'm not, but I could be listening to tunes from my MP3 collection on my Pocket PC, serving as a glorified Walkman. Surely that's worth some sort of kudos....

I've not mentioned even a fraction of the splendid cultural events in which I've partaken over the past three months. No less than:

  • The Thrills at the Carling Academy, in October (with support by the lovely Keane, and a buch of neds).
  • British Sea Power at King Tut's, also in October (the reasonable Eastern Lane supporting).
  • The Zutons, also at Tut's, also in October, and also supported by Eastern Lane, but not forgetting the sublime Eddie Izzard (the extension of whose webpages, I have just noticed, is - rather quaintly -".izz"), performing his Sexie tour in the cavernous Hall 4 at the SECC (supported by a brassiere, ho ho).
  • Belle and Sebastian (probably my favourite band) at the Usher Hall, in Edinburgh, supported by Scatter (probably the worst support band, ever, with a score of minus 5 kilochases).

All rather exciting, I'm sure you'll agree.

On the metablogging front, I'm ecstatic to notice that I've shot to the top on Google for the query NOOP. In fact, by knocking this page off the front, it'll probably lose its top position. Never mind though, it'll represent a little touch of vainglory for anyone who discovers this site in the distant future.

I'm sure there was more, but I'll probably remember it tomorrow, and save it up for February's post....




Stuart said:
B&S seem to specialise in poor support bands. I saw them about 18 months ago also at the Usher Hall and the support were booed off after about 3 songs.

They seem to just invite their mates over to play regardless of their ability.

I was gutted to miss Eddie Izzard and then to compound that, I found out that I had missed The Reindeer Section had playing at the QMU last Thurdsay





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