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Blog A Stimulating Exercise 27/Nov/2003

Bizarrely, I find myself pestered to make another post by people whom I see every day. Still, I realise that posting to the blog is self-fulfilling, so I'll soldier on.

I'm not really sure what to write about, however. I guess meta-blogging is out, given as I don't do it enough to be able to talk about it. (I might, however, at this juncture mention with sadness the passing of Random Wibblings, a permanent presence in my Technorati Link Cosmos.)

Nor do I want to bore you about my life, and I'm not sufficiently on-the-ball to provide you with a list of links that you haven't already seen.

Mind you, I could do a lot better than splurge out a self-pitying post every month or so.

Really, I wish I had blogged half of the things that have happened over the last few months: they've been a whirlwind (Gary: of special new feelings [whatever that means...]), culminating in this week's pair of Java applications that ran on several machines and animated a cute little progress bar.

(Obviously, this is cutting-edge stuff, so I'm not ready to release the source just yet....)

The Team Project is coming along spiffily, and we're going to put a site up soon with information about what we're doing. I'm quite excited about some of the ideas we're coming up with, but more details later.

Anyway, I'm off to play Strike It Rich. I'm sure you always wanted to know that.




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Cabumbo said:
Nice blog entry. Good to see it FINALLY :o) getting updated. Yeah thanks for the links "bore you" and "on-the-ball". They were good. Although i had been bored before. I will now go and give gary some hits, but not before i re-open your page several times :o)


love you man :o)





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