mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog NOOP 9/Nov/2003

From time-to-time, there comes the necessity for a post with no purpose other than to remind the world that I am here. You join me on such an auspicious occasion....

Firstly, an appeal. Matt has got himself a new domain and host, so he desperately needs your PageRank. At heart he's nothing but a Google whore.

Hmm, what else to say? Uni is going swimmingly, and is the primary reason that I've not been updating as much as in the halcyon days of god-knows-when. Our team project is continuing apace - expect to hear more about it in due course. And all of the other modules continue to throw up delightful amounts of assessment at exponentially-growing rates.

A weird side-effect of all this is that I've started to have really strange dreams again. Perhaps I'll write one up for you, some time.




Derek said:

The disturbing stuff's already in the Dreams section.



Matt Gemmell said:
Cheers for the linkage.

Strange dreams eh? You disturb me more with each passing day. Oh, and the Comment box in this form is too damn small!





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