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Blog Sailing By 15/Oct/2003

I had an odd moment last night, after a cup of Earl Grey and a toasted teacake. I was listening to Book of the Week on Radio 4, and, afterwards, the haunting Sailing By played to pre-empt the shipping forecast.

It pathologically freaked me out.

I'd offer a download, but I wouldn't want to scare you.




Alexandra Jones said:
I recently lost my husband and am unable to sleep at night. Sailing By makes me cry, but puts me to sleep thinking of him. I love it. Can I buy the music please?

John said:
All the links above are a waste of time, you only get to hear 20 seconds, rubbish if you ask me. goodbye losers!

demon said:
Unfortunately that link only provides half the tune. Any links to the full version really appreciated!

Eddy said:
We listen to Sailing By every night on CD as a way to relax before sleep; works every time - it's available as part of The Great British Experience at

CowJam said:
Fantastic! I've been trying to find it on mp3 for AGES!





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