mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Hello, again. 10/Oct/2003

As it has been drawn to my attention, it appears to be over a month since I last checked in with my dear, loyal readers.

So long ago, indeed, that I have forgotten which things have transpired since the last entry, and which I intended to suppress. Never mind - onwards!

I made it back from Berkshire in one piece - I was sorry to leave, but it's good to be back home again.

And now we're back at uni - Level 3 Computing looks to be an immense improvement on what's gone before.

And I've met Gary Matt, who, along with Mark and Neil, make up my Team Project Team.

And if you think this is a bit stilted, I've take 45 minutes to write this, and those bastards are staring over my shoulder...




Monkey Boy said:
It's "taken" 45 min.
I know we were looking over your shoulder but thats just ridiculous :0)

Gonna have to kick Mary's ass for calling us bastards, she better watch his back. Should be the word and between Gary and Matt.
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