mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Howdy 18/Aug/2003

It's been a week, so no doubt you're all desperately wondering how I am doing down in sunny Bracknell. Clearly, I know this from the surfeit of supportive comments that you've all been leaving.

I jest, of course.

Well, in the past week, I was made to feel even more at home. They gave me an ID badge, with a little (god-awful) picture of me on it. Even better, though, is the included badge holder. It has a retractable cord that attaches to one's belt, pocket, etc. It's like one of those mad gadgets a superhero uses to climb buildings, and I'm finally a superhero, except my superhero-power is the ability to open doors without setting an alarm off.

Aside from that, and some bugger in the halls stealing the iron, everything is going swimmingly, and I'll endeavour to update you later.








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