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Photos On Decline - Glasgow Zoo 20/Jul/2003

I visited Glasgow Zoo for the last time on the 17th of July, 2003. Its fate is now sealed, and it is due to close in the next two months.

I have no political standpoint about zoos, and this collection of photos does not attempt to make a point about the conditions in which the animals are held. Rather, it shows the tragedy of underinvestment in a once-thriving visitor attraction.

Apart from that, the photographs can do the talking.




A fairly obvious place to begin a phototour of Glasgow Zoo - outside the gates. Sadly, the painted sign betrays the homespun character of the zoo, which hasn't really changed in (at least) the 12 years since I last visited


The Wild Bird House

The first building you encounter as you enter the zoo is this optimistically-painted building, over which a bush has grown, suggesting it hasn't been used in some time.


The Tropical House

A brick building tacked onto the front of a barn, the Tropical House stores the parrots, who fly around freely and once performed in a show (which presumably was not running), as well as snakes, turtles, and other exotic beasts.


The stage for the parrot show, looking particularly forlorn. Although a chalkboard mentioned shows at 11, 1 and half 2, I doubt that they would perform to an empty house.


Don't zoom in to this one if you're scared of snakes.


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Drew McFarlane-Slack said:
in the late 1950's when I was a young lad working with my dad at the fruit market, I used to help unload the banana wagons at the old College Goods Yard above the High Street. The banana ripening rooms, lit and heated by gas, were located in cellars under the yard. We would catch the beasties and creepy crawlies that fell out of the bunches of bananas and put them in boxes and jars given by the Tropical House staff at Calderpark Zoo and they would come in each week to take them away.

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