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Blog Yay for technology 23/Jun/2003

I don't often buy gadgets, but today, I hope you will forgive me, I splashed out on a Sony D-NE511 ATRAC CD Walkman. Why did I do that? Because it plays MP3s!

I've spent most of this evening ripping CDs to my hard disk, and encoding them in MP3, using the spiffy MusicMatch Jukebox. And I've made a CD with almost every Belle and Sebastian song ever consigned to CD or the Internet. I imagine that I'll be doing the same for Ben Folds, Eels, The Divine Comedy, and others.

The sound is lovely, and the CD player is easy to use. It even tells you the name of the song playing (using ID3 tags), which some places advertise it as being unable to do. I'm going off to listen to my songs now....




terry said:
how do you stop the sonic simple burner sw for atrac3plus, trying to get on the net to download the cd names and song titles,without exiting the sw?





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