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Blog Bow to the MSNBOT 19/Jun/2003

I notice from my logs, and Jeremy Zawodny, that Microsoft have finally joined the search engine race. I think that I started getting hit early this morning, and I'm quite impressed to be only a short way behind the big boys. My condolences go out to those who aren't getting linked. Hopefully this will help.

My furrowed brows, however, go to those who are banning this bot from crawling their site. This strikes me as ridiculous (if harmless) bigotry. Why, if you are going to write for the web, would you want to keep people from reading it? Or is it due to worries about Microsoft's business practises? Somehow, I don't think they'll be selling your blog entries as part of the Plus! pack for Longhorn.... And teflon-coated Google isn't as squeaky clean as you would think - why are they maintaining a database that correlates IP addresses, dates and search queries?

So, I welcome MSNBOT, and when it inevitably takes over the world, I hope that it brings lots of new visitors.




Gary said:
1. No apologies required. Does your commenting system allow just embedding links straight into it? It's not like I'm an (X)HTML slouch, so I don't mind doing the work manually in future.

2. I'm going to post a brief(ish) reply on the new article (seems like the best place).

Ameer Ali Ghauri said:
I think that Microsoft should stop. Iraq will build a New Empire and strike BACK

Derek said:
First of all, apologies for editing your post - I must improve my comments system to work with URLs.

Secondly, I've attempted to address your points in a new article, but it's a bit rambly, probably incoherent, and definitely open to any suggestions of improvement.



Gary said:
After thinking about it for a while, I have to disagree with your stance on this.

[Edit - This article of mine] explains most of the reasons. Hopefully, you'll see the light. :P





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