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Blog After the storm 16/Jun/2003

Life was much easier before I had to think up clichéd titles for posts. Though it's hard to imagine it being much easier than it is now, given as I am staring a three-and-a-bit months University vacation in the face.

Since I don't want to fall into that age-old trap of having a big to-do list, and actually doing none of it, I hereby publicly present my summer To-Do list:

  • Learn Java. I really want to do this one (and just as well, since I have to), given as I was enthusiastic about OOP last year, and I never had the chance to get my hands dirty with it. I've already downloaded the Java SDK, and bought my Java textbook, so I should be able to get right on it.
  • Learn C. I'd also like to do this (and, again, must), but it's rather less glamorous than Java, and it feels a bit like a retrograde step. However, once I see all the cool things that I can do with it (and, since I've got a C++ book, OOP isn't out of the question), I should be won over. The textbook also arrived today.
  • Write a proper content-management system. I've had an idea germinating in my head for a while (since some point just before the exams) for a very extensible, thoroughly object-oriented, and buzzword-packed CMS, and I'd like to create it, then re-do this site with it. I'm superstitious, so I won't give too much else away, but it should serve its purpose, for me, at least.
  • Make some more sites. I've got a few more ideas for sites, and in three months, at least one of them should see the light of day. But my lips are sealed on what they are, for the moment.
  • Get some use from the digital camera. My Christmas present hasn't had nearly enough use this year, so far, and I'd like to get out and shoot some urban landscapes, though that might involve getting up early.

There are probably countless other things that I could or should be doing, and maybe I'll do them instead. Who can say? One thing is for sure, though. If I do make the CMS, I'm putting in API support, for I lost half of this article to the uncertainties of typing into an IE textarea. I think a Java interface would be nice....








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