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Blog Mathematics 2V - Analysis II 8/Jun/2003

At last, the last ever Maths exam that I'll ever sit (unless you count all the Maths ones that will masquerade as third- and fourth-year Computing exams).

I have a definite distaste for this subject. While I understand that Calculus has its uses in all sorts of fields, and I could be persuaded that Algebra might have some relevance (and I mean abstract Vector-Space Algebra, not the stuff we did in high school were we substituted letters for numbers. People who say there's no use for that are just kidding themselves), Analysis is to Maths what... [I had a good simile here, but it's not quite PC].

Anyway, it traditionally makes up for its ridiculous inscrutability with highly predictable degree exams. Aside from switching the order of the first question, this year was no exception. Praise be. I decided to do the first three questions, because the fourth one (about Integration) looked a bit arsey, and I had neglected to bring a calculator with which to check my answer.

Anyway, I wasn't sad to see the end of this, but it wasn't a messy divorce. A win-win situation.








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