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Blog Computing Science 2R - Algorithmic Foundations 2 3/Jun/2003

Paddy certainly didn't let us down with this one. The paper followed the lines of the last two, and none of the borderline tricky subjects (functions, relations, program correctness, rules of inference, matrices) made an appearance. This year's new topic - graphs - was given a light treatment (handshaking theorem/isomorphism), happily; and even the logical equivalence was quite simple.

The difficult questions were the second induction (induction by cases?), and the permuatations/combinations (permutations of many indistinguishable objects were a footnote on the perms and combs notes; I'm certainly glad I didn't decide to fly by the seat of my Maths course experience); but they were only a small part of the whole.

So the day got off to a good start....








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