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Blog Computing Science 2T - Computer Systems 2 3/Jun/2003

Finally, an exam about which we can have no complaints!

There aren't really many areas of discussion. I mean, we could pick over the syntax (e.g. "Do current CPUs use synchronous or asynchronous circuits? Justify your answer," could surely come with the justification that Mohamed told us this), but when four marks are available for listing "four techniques where program locality is exploited to improve computer perfomance," it would be churlish to do so.

My one discomfort was with the assembly question (4. (v)), where I was running out of time a little, and I wasn't sure what constituted a "well-presented and commented program". However, I shouldn't think they would be too harsh in this respect.

That's about all I can say: hopefully the big guns can be kept at home, when I review Algorithmic Foundations 2 and Functional Programming 2, tomorrow.








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