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Blog Rock Hard Times 28/May/2003

I am having lunch in Curlers on Byers Road, and one of my friends suggests that we go for a drive. I approve of his suggestion, so we walk out of the pub, and up University Avenue.

The version of University Avenue is rather perverse: everything appears to be on the left-hand side (walking towards the GUU), and Kelvingrove Park is on the right. Particularly, the Hub is directly on the road, beside (rather than behind) the Reading Room, and the main Gilbert Scott Building is beyond that, roughly on the site of the Wellington Church, and the Rankine Building.

Along the way, I meet some other friends, but I am distracted by the sight of my elderly neighbour, who seems lost. She wants to visit the Hunterian Museum, and is looking for directions to the lift. I take it upon myself to guide her there, and follow the signs until we reach a doorway.

Immediately inside the door, marked "lift", is a flight of steps. We follow an Escher-esque series of stairs and white-painted corridors, until I notice, through an open door, an incongruous lift. In the lift's ante-room, there is a sink, though I don't investigate whether or not it is plumbed in. I press the button for the lift, and an engineer appears. He hums and haws about whether the lift will work, then disappears. The lift opens, ostensibly at level seven, and I bid my neighbour farewell.

I aim to retrace my steps, and begin to think about the Radio Clyde and other exponents of commercial radio; and E would only think less of me if he saw me being refused entry.

I reach the outdoors, and remember that my friend will be waiting for me. I walk back to the car park next to the Hub, where he had parked, but the car is no longer there.






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