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Blog Footnote 28/May/2003

I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday (when, really, I should have been thinking about Information Management), and I realised that I was too harsh on Pastry and my little Ducks.

I remembered that, when I first wrote the Ducks stories, or when Jamie and I wrote the first Pastry songs, the aim was to entertain real people, whom we knew in real life.

I also remembered that, in fourth year at school, we'd get the most random strangers telling us how they'd read Pastry. I once heard second-hand of one of my friends' dad enjoying Jumbo Number 5.

Now, I'm pretty satisfied with the technical side of mrry, and I'm sure I have passed on the odd worthwhile link, now and again, but there's no real art in hand-rolling a content-management system (which I intend to do, again), and nobody's going to walk up to me in the street and say, "I say, old bean, jolly good CMS. I showed it to my mum and she laughed too," not that that has ever happened before.

Ah well, back to solipsism we go....








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