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Blog Solipsism 27/May/2003

I've been looking at the visitor logs, and am proud to say that mrry is having its most successful period ever. Over 100 visitors a day come to the site, no doubt enjoying its subtle blend of humour and cutting-edge techological insight.

Except hardly any of the visitors are human - take any continuous sample of 100 visitors, and I'll bet you at least 80 of them are search engine bots, WeblogMonitor/0.1, Scooter/3.2, QuepasaCreep v0.9.13, etc.

Then, on going through the logs with a fine toothcomb, I see that the odd human has landed here. I wonder what the people who've come from the Open Directory Project (ODP), in the Parody songs category, really expect to find from Secret Pastry. Perhaps they were funny when we wrote it back in 1999 (though I'm sure plenty of you would disagree), and my obsessive-compulsive hoarding nature would prohibit me from ever taking them off the web, but they don't really age well.

Quite a few people come looking for cartoon ducks, and they find them, after a fashion. Though is anyone on the web really interested in the history of Frisky The Bumble-Duck, or the nuances of a Duckfight.

So, while it's cheering that I have managed to trick people into coming here from a Google search, I'm pretty sure that they aren't finding what they wanted. And this pains me. So, I'm going to go off and think about what people want. Suggestions, as ever, on the back of a postcard, or in the handy comment boxes.




Gary said:
Don't think too much about referrer logs. That road leads to madness. I've had hits about the most bizarre things: at one point I was the number one site in the netherlands for searches on Eddie Murphy, despite slating him (once). So referrers are a poor indication of anything.

As for the numbers game, well, ignore that too. Blogging has to be done for yourself, and yourself alone. Trying to entertain anyone elses sensibilities will dilute your own unique character. Aiming for the A-list will doubtless end in disappointment.

If you can't do it for yourself, don't do it. I'm happy with my 200 readers, but if they numbered as 1, I'd still write.





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