mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Mall Monkeys 26/May/2003

Never ashamed to jump on an old bandwagon, I present to you Mall Monkeys. It's good, especially for foreigners.




Cam said:
here is a small amount of mall monkey comix

comrade said:
I like monkeys there delish

Sami said:
Mall monkeys... Damn, How I missed that comic. If anyone knows were the Archive is so I can read them All PLEASE email me back ( Oh and, there is also a comic you guys might like. Go to Its called CTRL+ALT+DEL Its hilarious! Not as good as Mall Monkeys but yeah.

Lindsey said:
Damn. I miss that comic. :(

whitney said:
ive been trying to find a cooler funkin comic than mall monkeys for a long time...there isnt one.





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