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Blog Mathematics 2Y - Calculus II 2002/2003 24/May/2003

It was my first exam today, Calculus, and it was a bit tricky.

Question 1 was standard fayre.

Question 2 started horribly, with some inordinate fraction involving pi, so I decided not to persevere with it.

Question 3 was OK, I thought, although part (i) seemed to have too many words for its own good, and big numbers abounded.

Question 4 on Fourier Series was a relative gift, with most of the marks for show-thats, and the only trickiness in graphing the series.

I don't think you'll find anyone who said this exam was easy, and it was certainly harder than the past papers. However, I don't think I can complain considering what's going to be unleashed on us in the Algebra and Analysis exams.








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