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Blog A short exercise in displacement activities 18/May/2003

Never say that I'm not good to you. For hours now, I have battled the ways of regular expressions, to create something "quite good", and very possibly unique.

The guestbook aggregator takes any Bravenet guestbook, and turns it into an RSS feed.

The benefits of doing this may seem obscure, but imagine running an aggregator, such as SharpReader, and it displaying all of your favourite guestbooks in one handy window. Shout "Pissholes" to banner ads, and read only the important bits of the guestbook.

Well, it'd be nice, wouldn't it? And, as it stands, it's highly unlikely that it will work first time. Nevertheless, I present to you the alpha version of the Guestbook Aggregator!, which might not work, and certainly doesn't cope well with non-standard characters. And, thanks to Bravenet, there's one of the first Y2K1 bugs. In fact, the whole thing's decidedly hoary, but I would value your comments on it.

At which point, I point to the comment box on the right hand side/the link to add a comment below, and ask you to get cracking.








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