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Blog Just checking in 5/May/2003

I just noticed that it's been a while since I enlightened you with a missive, right after I took the medicine that makes me condescending.

It's been a busy time at uni, what with class tests and essays to be in, but I'm happy to be out the other, with most of my hairstyle intact. In the real world, I voted in the Scottish elections, and the closest I came to political activism was to steal the pencil from the disabled voting booth, because the leads were broken in the others.

I got my Eels ticket yesterday, and picked up some rare and unusual musical goods this weekend. Firstly, for my second love - the piano - I got some Belle and Sebastian sheet music (to Fold Your Hands...). To top that, I also got live albums by B&S and Eels (it might be a fake, but you're only saying that 'cause you wish you had it - ha!), and the début album by E, frontman of Eels. All-in-all, a successful week.

Finally, on the site, I took advantage of the holiday weekend to begin a links page. No ordinary links page will it be: visitors will be able to add links if they so choose, and sites that link back to mrry will feature on the Sideboard (incentive - whoa). It's not ready for public consumption yet, but the more astute among you should be able to guess the URL. Five Turkish lira to the first one there.








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