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Blog Eels on Tour 27/Apr/2003

The fantastic Eels have a new album coming out on the 3rd of June - Shootenanny! As if naming an album after a made-up word for a shooting spree weren't enough, it also rocks hard, to paraphrase E.

I dare say you can retire happy to the drawing room in this knowledge, but it gets better: they're coming to Glasgow on the 3rd of July, and I simply have to be seeing them. You might remember the last time I saw them. That was one of the best concerts of my life, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to going to the Academy.

If you wonder which particular song titles to look for, let me recommend five excellent Eels songs:

  • Last Stop: This Town
  • The Sound of Fear
  • PS You Rock My World
  • Rock Hard Times
  • Ant Farm

Clearly, I am far too besotted with Eels that this should be an exhaustive list - maybe I'll tell you more later.








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