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Blog Wanted by the FBI 3/Apr/2003

The noble pastime of log-reading is an underappreciated one, but when it crosses into the realm of international espionage, it becomes - at least - worth writing about.

I was browsing through my list of visitors this afternoon, when I noticed two odd referring links (the site won't load for me, so I suspect it's an intranet):

Respectively, the links pointed to this page and this one. I thought this seemed a bit odd, until I noticed this article on the former, about that site, in particular this article: Why Is The War On Terrorism Not Just About Al-Queda?

So, for mentioning Al-Qaeda, or terrorism, or the USA and why it should be feared by every country in the world, you get on an FBI watchlist, which is pretty cool, in my humble opinion. Perhaps Echelon works.

Rather ominously though, I checked the IP address of our federal friend, and it turned up four other visits. Two of them were on the 29th of March, referred from; and a further two were early today, from Both linked to the exact same pages. Free Proxies provides (ironically for an $18.95/month fee) proxy servers, some anonymous; and Fallen Domains tips you off about domain names that are about to be deregistered, spookily.

So if I disappear off the net in the next few days, or indeed miss any of my public engagements, you can probably find me in Guantanamo Bay. And before I forget, the IP of the visitor was, which is somewhere in America, and has a peculiar webpage.

Remember in Wargames, when the protagonist hacked into the Pentagon, and started launching nuclear missiles (Weapons of Mass Destruction, if you will)? I'm not recommending that.

Paranoid Cheers,



troy s fantastic said:
you missed out if you mension the words allah, bomb, devise, element, chemcal, infedel, whitehouse, base, god, jew, substance, plane, any number and letter combenation, america, saddam, korea, basically any country except i might add belgem if i could only spell





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