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Blog Hello again 31/Mar/2003

I would apologise for not updating for so long, if I weren't sure that you really weren't feeling too put-out about it. Frankly, I'm just putting this in so that March 2003 isn't a gaping hole in the archives.

I do normally like to divorce the site from real-time events, but with this god-awful war going on, I feel like writing some outrageous leftist polemic, but it would only sound hackneyed. Read this instead.

I finally capitulated, and did what I claimed I'd never do. I bought a new mobile phone. A Nokia 7210. And a covetable beast it is too. And I still maintain it's for emergency use only. Although how much use 50 bolt-on text messages will be for that is debatable.

Listen to the Eels, The Frank and Walters, Morrissey (Vauxhall & I), and as much of The Thrills as you can, in that order. And you shall be a better person for it, I promise you.








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