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Blog How I found The Best Toilets on Campus 23/Jan/2003

I bear great news, dear reader, for I have found the Holy Grail of every right-thinking Glasgow University student. That's right: I've found the best toilets on campus. Allow me to recount the tale:

I was handing in my computing project this morning, when my attention was caught by a small door opposite. It bore the cryptic message, "Toilets downstairs then sharp right." Curious as to what this meant, I followed the instruction, and carried on down an unsavoury-looking staircase to the basement.

Once down there, I was confronted by a storeroom, so I followed the preordained path, and took a sharp right.

The scene in the Lilybank Gardens basement is odd, to say the least. It's like a deserted subterranean corridor, except with natural light. You expect to find yourself in some derivative first-person shooter, when you go through two doors on your left and find yourself in...

The best toilets on campus.

Clean bars of soap, pristine white seats and a little hook to hang up your bag and jacket. The entire toilet area is raised on a subtle pedestal. I can only imagine that if kings used toilets, they would be like this.

I commend this facility to you, dear reader, and I hope you are as impressed as I am.




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