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Secret Pastry Bohemian Raspberry 16/Jan/2001

I'm sure that you can guess the name of the original song this time. Queen's classic hit provided us with our biggest challenge to date, and also our second most popular song. Probably our favourite lines in this one are 'A fondant fantasy?' or 'I'm just a fat boy...'.

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Is this cake real nice?
A fondant fantasy?
Baked by Mother's Pride,
It was filled to capacity.
Hoping for pies,
Looked up to the skies to see.
I'm just a fat boy,
I need your sympathy,
Because I eat too much, down it goes.
Little pies, sausage rolls.

Anything by Findus,
Goes down really nicely, with me.
With me.

Mama, just baked a flan.
Baked a bun, two loaves of bread.
The budgie ate it, now he's dead.
Mama, baking's lots of fun,
Until you see the damage it can do.
Mama, ooooooh.
Didn't want a bit of pie.
I might want some again, this time tomorrow.
With some scones, or blancmange,
Or a round pineapple fritter.

Too late, my dinner's come.
I'm just sitting down, to dine.
Belly's aching all the time.
Mince pie, anybody?
They've got to go.
Passed their sell-by date just yesterday.

Mama, ooooooh. (Anything by Findus.)
I don't want steak pie:
I sometimes wish I'd never had Quorn at all.

I bought a strawberry Cornetto from the van.
Lemon mousse,
Lemon mousse.
Will you pour me some Tango?

Chocokate cake with icing,
Oatcakes, cheese and whipped cream,

Hellman's Mayo.
Hellman's Mayo.
Hellman's Mayo.
Hellman's Mayo.
Hellman's Mayo.
Bacon roll.
And fries, to go.

I'm just a thin boy,
Nobody feeds me.
He's just a thin boy,
From a thin family.
Give him a slice of this beef for his tea.

Currant bun, hot cocoa,
Will you give me more?
Fish fingers: No. We will not give you more. (Give him more.)
Fish fingers: we will not give you more. (Give him more.)
Fish fingers: we will not give you more. (Give him more.)
Will not give you more. (Give me more.)
Will not give you more.
Never give me more.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, pizzeria, pizzeria, pizzeria: Give me more.
SeƱor Jimbob has a table set aside for me,
For me, for meeeeee.

So you think that your cooking is better than mine.
So you think that your poached eggs are better than fried.
Oooooh gravy, Oxo's very fine gravy.
Just wanna sauerkraut,
Just wanna sauerkraut done in beer.

Oooooooooooooooooh, ooh yeah, ooh yeah.
Fish looks good in batter, caught fresh from the sea.
Fish looks good in batter.
Fish looks good in batter. With peas.

(Anything by Findus.)


lizzie said:
whoever made this up is a genius and deserves to be knighted

P.I.M.P.E.T.T.E said:

Katy said:
heyhey "Currant bun," nice to see my family there..yes. Its good! makes me wanna eat mayonaise

Melia said:
lol, its gr8!
'Give him a slice of this beef for his tea'

p8 said:
excellent! (now wasnt that a worthwhile comment...)





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