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A repugnant site that I happened upon while working on my own, is exactly as awful as it sounds. Imagine such arguments as "why guns reduce crime", and "why the USA should be feared by all". Not to mention throwing the Palestinians out of Israel, and "dimocommie"-bashing.

It's not that this is some far-right extremist group - it is representative of the people in charge of the world's last superpower. People who think that anyone who doesn't like them should be killed, yet who encourage people to fear them.

I implore you not to look at the "Humor" section, or your head will probably fall off. In an ahumorous way.




scott said:

True, you did say terrorists, not Iraqis. apologies for my error. mind you, i can't see much diff between saddo hussein and the terrorists. and please, don't start an argument with 'and you have fallen for the American propaganda' when i can turn around and say that 'you have fallen for the bleeding heart liberal propaganda...' please grant me the intelligence to think for myself and decide on the evidence in hand - as i do with you. further, i'm arguing from an australian viewpoint - not an american one, so i'm not going to be blinded by anything that Mr Bush Jnr says. For the record, his economics sucks big time!

I don't care about the population of the palestinians. if abbas can't control the militant minority, his authority, and even dealing with him, is undermined.

and no, there are no angels on the israeli side either. however have they ever declared that their sole existence is the extermination of the palestinians? unlike hamas who's sole raison detre is the elimination of all jews from israel.

back to the war, but yes, i do think that the deaths were a necessary toll for the removal of saddam. you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. unfortunate but true, then again, i'd like to ask the thousands and thousands of people saddam murdered and buried in the mass graves whether the war was justified ... or should i ask the ones who were saved by his removal. what would you rather - a saddam in power carrying on murder - or an iraq that at last has a chance for democracy?

Derek said:
I think you'll find that I said "terrorists", and not "Iraqis", and you have fallen for the American propaganda that says "anyone who is against us is a terrorist".

Not one Iraqi took part in the horrific suicide bombings in New York and Washington in September 2001. Yet those very events were cited as one of the main reasons to wage war on Iraq.

And as for the innocence of the Palestinians, the population of Palestinian-controlled areas was 2,890,630 in 1998 (source),
and the number of suicide bombings that have happened during the two-and-a-half year intifada has been 73 (source). Even if, as you say, each suicide bomber is partnered, that only makes 146 "terrorists" out of nearly three million people. Do you really believe that the Palestinians should be subjugated for the crimes of a tiny minority?

If suicide bombing (which I deplore) is organised murder, then what do you call the actions of the Israeli army, when it kills civilians? "Collateral Damage"?

I'm glad we agree on one thing though. The war was for oil. But is it really worth killing over 6,000 people (source), in order to keep down the price of a litre of petrol? I don't believe so.



scott said:
ok ok ok, so i got it all wrong - it's europe going in to congo - not the UN! after the ream of toilet paper that is the constitution, let's see the immense fk up they can do here.

further, derek, if you did your research, you would have found that it was the french and russians who sold and trained saddam's lot. now, who were the two countries most opposed to the war? hmm, step forward monsieur chirac and comrade putin. curious eh?

now the palestinians. innocent? strapping 25kgs of explosive on to someone and sending them out to kill as many CIVILIANS hardly strikes me as innocent. did you know that most of these suicide bombers actually have a partner who makes them go through with it? no, it's not innocence, this is organised murder. yes, give them their own country but the fact will remain that the palestinians will still be dependant on israel for it's economy as they are now. nothing like biting the hand that feeds, is there?

of course the issue in iraq was oil! doh! it is this asset which will allow the coalition forces, led by the US, to rebuild the country now that Saddam has gone. i don't give two hoots about wmd's. as a person who watched pol pot murder millions of his countrymen in the 70's and watched while the australian government turned it's head the other way, i'm glad we went in. sure, there may be troubles ahead but it ain't no vietnam!

Stuart said:
A country which bases its entire constitution upon the fact that all men are created equal is enforcing inequality upon the rest of the world. Classicaly America was uninterested in affairs outside of her own borders and is still today somewhat less than mindful of the outside worlds opinion of her. Despite this, America does not hesitate to meddle in foreign affairs, particularly in the Arabic states. This, my friends, is hypocricy. America declares that she can do whatever she wants but that every other country had best be careful in its critiscism. I mean is anyone truely naive enough to think that the war in Iraq was about freeing the people? Then why is the army still there? Can anyone say Oil?

Derek said:
God bless America, indeed.

For without them, how would the terrorists have been trained to kill people, and from where would they have got their weapons?

Personally, I don't have any sympathy for suicide bombers. However, I do have sympathy for the innocent Palestinians, Iraqis &c., who have no choice about the fierce military barrage that they are forced to suffer.

Of course, if you followed the logic of, this would not be a problem, because they would all be deported elsewhere (this is starting to sound familiar...).

I don't doubt that you are gay or Australian, but I would suggest that you are more neo-fascist than neo-con, if you agree with the policies of that site.







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