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Ducks Chapter 7 6/Jul/2002

After a long time away, I wrote this chapter when the ducks had become fashionable again, thanks in no small part to their discovery by The Bench Crew. And, to that end, I dedicate this chapter to them.


Chuck and Daniel, for want of anything better to do, have a huge argument. Allow me to set the scene....

Since we last visited The Ducks, a lot has changed. Chuck, Daniel and all of their friends have left school and gone to University. Chuck is a Computer Scientist; Daniel a Media Student; the other friends not meriting characterisation as I'm no Len Deighton.

The argument began when Chuck and Daniel visited the Art Gallery. The Head Duck, walking past, picked Daniel up and used him to knock the head off a statue of Clement Atlee. Chuck, being a sensible sort, pointed and laughed.

This, of course, caused sensitive Daniel to hate Chuck with a passion. His favoured form of revenge was to appear friendly when in Chuck's company, and then spread terrible stories about him. Chuck felt the need for revenge...






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