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Ducks Chapter 2 12/Nov/2000

Daniel is left home alone as Mr. and Mrs. Duck and their son Chuck take a holiday to Mallorca.


Mr. Duck and Mildred plan a holiday to Mallorca, and tell Chuck that he can have one friend with him. Naturally, he chooses Daniel. The Duck family assemble ch├ęz Duck, and head to Gatwick Airport. Once the obligatory wait in the departure lounge ends, they board the plane and are off to sunny Spain. Mr. Duck is about to tuck into his sumptious meal of fried chicken, when he hears Chuck speak from behind him.

"Whoops!" he says. "We've forgotten Daniel. Whatever will we do?"

"Have a better holiday," Mr. Duck does quip.

"That's true," conceded Chuck, who suddenly realised that having a room to himself meant that he could be free to let his questionable habits run free. He could drink from the bottle, bounce off the walls and shower without any regard for his dignity and the floor. He settled to watching the unfolding episode of Heartbeat on the overhead monitors, and began to whistle.

Meanwhile, back at the Duck household, Daniel is still in the bathroom, oblivious to the fact that the Ducks have left without him.

He calls out, "Hello?" before realising his predicament; he goes straight to the fridge, and has a swig of cool, refreshing Sprite. He looks around the kitchen, and notices that there is enough food to keep him nourished for a week, for the Ducks are renowned for their stock-piling of pasta (lest nuclear war should break out).

He cooks a feast, and then heads off to bed.

Crash! A window breaks, and a crazed figure enters the house through an upstairs window. Daniel throws on the lights, and is startled to see that it is the Head Duck!

"What are you doing here?" asks a startled and four-fifths-naked Daniel.

"Nothing," replies a hyperventilating, terrified Head Duck. "OK, I'm actually looking to steal a little of Mr. Duck's sanity. He might have left some spare, lying around. Oh, come on, I need it badly: marbles, anything. "That Mr. Duck: he's just so composed, he can take stress. With me, just a little pressure is enough to push me over the edge, into the pub and away from my school. God!, I hate kids."

Daniel is confounded by his discovery: he always saw the Head Duck as a pillar of strength, surrounded by irresponsible and uncaring ducklings, crying out for pension day, and feeding off the success of an above-averagely affluent student base. But then, Daniel was never that insightful.






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