mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 17/Jun/2000

I am in Frasier's apartment, and I am sitting in his dad's chair, fully reclined. It is giving me a massage...

Psychadelic weather maps are rotating in front of my face. The isobars are moving inwards and outwards, but I cannot work out what tomorrow's weather will be like.

I am in an irrepressibly modern, concrete, cylindrical building, in the heart of London. I am standing on a mezzanine within the building, and can look down to the basement, where there appears to be an Underground station. I am faced with three, rounded rectangle, open doorways, through which there are winding walkways that are suspended in mid-air and that lead to the basement. The basement is quite strange, and has huge metal-and-glass panels on the walls, like the inside of a lift door. I wind up in East Kilbride, sitting in the reception of a major dotcom design agency, trying to find this mysteriously utopian location on the Internet.






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