mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 25/Jun/2000

I am in a commercial aeroplane, in one of the poxy little toilets. There is an explosive device in the sink. I manage to defuse the bomb, without alarming any of the other passengers. The plane, however, has other ideas, and dives steeply. I am only able to hold on, by grabbing on to both of the two sinks. After that little situation is resolved, a door on the opposite side of the toilet opens, and a gruff male steward tries to come through with a drinks trolley.

I am in a small lounge, watching a band perform. The band is Toploader (whose album I have bought and half-heartedly recommend), and they make up a strange line-up. The guy with the funny hair is sitting at the back, playing a baby grand piano; there is a woman on vocals; and there is somebody playing a keyboard back-to-front (i.e. sitting behind the keyboard, and playing from the back of it). It transpires that there are only nineteen people in the room.

I am part of a school orchestra, whose purpose is to perform a sonata at an event. My role is not the expected piano-part, rather I have to drum against the side of my head, in order to create an atmosphere of rain.






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