mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 5/Aug/2000

I seem to be in Chicago, walking along an El-track to the west of the city. I am in a desert/mountain landscape, with deep canyons to my right. The track often meanders away to a dead end, sometimes leading down into the canyons, sometimes leading to a defunct bridge. Eventually I arrive at my grandparents' house, which is my final destination. I am here for a weekend camp, which takes the form of a team competition. I am somewhat distressed to find that I am in the smaller, weaker team, and that we will almost certainly lose. Many of my friends are in the opposing team. The first, bizarre challenge for the day is to weed a small flowerbed that is at once both an inside wall of a house and the path outside the house. I pull away some jagged weeds, before unscrewing the cover of a disused fireplace. Inside the hole, I discover no weeds, but several medals and diplomas. Richard Branson appears behind me and tells me a story of several honorary degrees. I listen intently.

It's exam results day, and the magical envelope arrives. I take the certificate out, and am disappointed to find that some of my results have not been entered. I meet with some friends, some of whom have been given nonsensical and impossible results. They are all quite anguished. I speak to teachers who cannot help me, and am eventually led of along a path, which shows scenes of me at various stages of development, including one of me in a Brewers' Fayre restaurant.






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