mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 13/Aug/2000

I am Captain John Yossarian of the United States Air Force, serving in World War Two. (cf. Catch-22.) I have decided to try to escape from combat, to Sweden, no less. I meet a like-minded individual, and we set off down Merrylee Road, towards my house. We notice, however, that there are two CID men behind us, trying to shoot at us. Somehow, all their bullets miss us, and we turn momentarily into diplodocuses. After reverting to a human form, I notice that on of the CID men is dead on the ground. I am being charged with his murder, but first I must fly back to my squadron on a balsa-wood model aeroplane.

I seem to be in the House of Fraser, or some such other large department store. There is a sale on, and all of the pupils of the school are being encouraged to buy lots of clothes. I discover that I have £40 in my pocket, so I go looking for some new things. At one part of the store, someone is selling Cadbury's Roses, for ten pence apiece. I buy two caramel kegs. I continue looking for some clothes, and mistakenedly leave my shoes in a remote corner of the square gallery floor, which we are inhabiting. I manage to find them, and then sit down on a bench, in order to put them on again.






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