mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 26/Aug/2000

I am in the East-end of the city with my friends, one of whom is looking to buy a CD player in a small shop. He doesn't manage to get it, and we instead go into the Virgin Megastore next door. It turns out that Robbie Williams is there, signing his latest record. There also appears to be no queue, so we go in and see him. To our suprise, time with the self-proclaimed rock god is being handed out in sixteen-minute chunks. The lengths some people will go to...

I am in a hardware-store-cum-music-shop, called Caernarvon's, which appears to be in Glasgow. It is the shop's hundredth birthday, and a large crowd has assembled. Some words are said, and then I go to look around the shop. There is a lot of sheet music by Madness and Queen, but I am uninterested. I wander about, and the shop transmogrifies into a coastal Disney resort that is just opening. It is like a cruise ship that has been joined on to the land. Suddenly, I am scooped up by a helicopter, and flown around the complex, doing a piece for a travel programme. The helicopter flies too close to a building, and hits a pillar, but, instead of exploding, it bounces away. The helicopter then heads for the ice cream restaurant, where the rest of my family is. This time it is speeding toward a wall, and there appears to be no escape, but I lean back, the helicopter somersaults within inches of the wall, and I am deposited in a seat.






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