mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 22/Oct/2000

I am in the car, driving to, through or past Birmingham. On the horizon appears the Bull Ring Shopping Centre. I have never been there, so I decide to drop in. I appear to enter on the top of about seven floors, ten minutes before closing time. I walk past Littlewoods, and a café. I continue down into the depths of the building. I eventually leave the building and go out to the car park, which is tiny and has only about twelve spaces, which encircle the building. I pass some people whom I know, who are having a bet about how tall the building is. I am somewhat worried, because it is dark, I am in a deserted car park, and I am paranoid about being attacked. Even worse, I need to use the rather grim toilets. Someone proffers advice about how to use the toilet, and not be killed. It involves attaching a rope from each of the three sinks, to the wall opposite, so that no person can run in without a struggle. I dodge the ropes, and skip past an impudent child, into the cubicle. I look in a mirror, and notice that I am wearing a mask of Oscar Wilde's face. Just then, the door bursts open, and what sounds like a platoon of gruff army personnel burst in. One or more of them says, "You'd better hurry up, 'cause people can die in toilets." I was terrified. I hurry out, and discover that the threatening army-types are actually two American, laid-back, modern soldiers. I walk out, bemused.






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