mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 11/Nov/2000

It's the end of another school day, and I, with a couple of friends, am a little late in going for the train. We start running down the lane to the station, and hear the train pulling in. We begin climbing the stairs, which today are made of scaffolding. I look down on the train, and it is moving off. Just then, it turns into a jumbo jet, and it takes off, taking the stairs with it.

In a stark contrast, it's the end of another school day, and I, with a friend, am a little early in going for the train. As we enter the station, no one is there. We climb up the stairs, and, at the top, discover that they have been replaced by loose, wooden boards. I am too fearèd to cross, but my friend makes it across. I look behind me and see a crowd of people coming, so I take a leap of faith, and cross the boards successfully. Later, I am standing at my usual place, up the platform, and I look at the bridge. Just then, somebody falls through it.






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