mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 12/Nov/2000

I am in Clarkston, and I decide to visit the home of legendary Gregory's Girl eponymous hero, John Gordon Sinclair. He lets me in, and I have a sit on his living room floor. In his display cabinet, I notice a framed sheet of paper with several autographs on it. The peculiar ones are the printed name of my brother, and the signature of Homer Simpson. I question him about these, but he jusst bumbles, and offers the get me a drink.

It is PE at school, and we're doing cross country. Everyone jogs in single file, up to the pitches, over which a barn has been built. I am prepared for the ordeal, so I take out my bottle of Evian, and start jogging. The barn is quite empty, and I jog slowly. All of a sudden, someone kicks a football to me. I return it, and we have a brief game. The pitch commandant notices this, and orders me to return to the part of the pitch whence I left off. I eventually finish and emerge. There are emergency services outside: I have taken so long that they thought I had had a serious injury. I protest my innocence, but they tell me that I am to be carried around on a stretcher all day, so I relent.






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